MAM Account Investment

MAM represents Multi-Account-Manager and is intended for account managers to exchange in the interest of different clients for a % of the benefits. This makes it simple for account managers to execute block exchanges for quite a long time simultaneously, and effectively oversee risk from one record.

AlphaATraders Partnership

Benefit from our partnership with Infinox Broker, one of the leading forex brokers in the world, and join our MAM investment plan with 0% Commission and ONLY Performance Fee.

MAM Investment Characteristics:

What are the features?
• Use one master account to open and close orders for multiple client accounts at the same time.
• Place orders for as many clients as you want.
• Set management fees (% of profits) for the client.
• Clients can determine their own stop out level.
• No restrictions on the number of clients.
• Clients can monitor progress in real time.
• All normal orders types accepted (i.e.: stop loss, pending orders, trailing stop and take profit).

What are the benefits?
• Ideal for inexperienced traders who lacks knowledge about the market but want to trade safely.
• Operating your account under a money manager can help you defeat the emotional aspects of trading (risk, greed and emotions).
• Ideal for traders who do not have enough time to research proposed forex trades.

MAM Investment Beliefs
Daily target: 0.2% - 0.5%
Monthly target: 6% - 12%
Maximum potential drawdown: 15% - 20%
Minimum Required initial investment: 1,000$
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